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Finding Their Perfect Form

Justin Stirling

Justin Stirling


“I’ve known Alec for almost 10 years. Over that time he’s proved to be nothing but the most kind, loyal, dedicated and caring trainer I’ve ever worked with. His genuine concern for my well-being both physically and mentally has kept me motivated and striving for the best results possible. Most recently he’s led me on a 30lb weight loss journey with a custom training and nutrition program that yielded incredible and fast results. Unlike most trainers he adapted his techniques and his approach to fit my unorthodox and ever changing work schedule and lifestyle. I work in the music business with top tier talent and I’ve always felt comfortable introducing my clients and friends to Alec because of his respect for people’s privacy and professional demeanor. I highly encourage anyone to start training with Alec today.” 

Karla Watkins


“Most people I know are normally looking to shed weight. I’m the unique case that struggles with weight gain and until I started training with Alec, I didn’t know that putting on more healthy weight would lead me to be the happiest I’ve ever been with my appearance. Trying to gain weight solely with diet and no heavy lifting, does not lead to any kind of change for me. I need to be lifting heavy weights on a regular schedule for my body to stay looking healthy. I’m so thankful Alec knows how far to push me to my limits. Now I’m at the point if I don’t go to the gym for a week, everything that week is out of whack. I never thought I’d say this but I think Alec actually made me love the gym.”
George Pennacchio



“Working out” is not something you’ll ever see on my “Top 10 List of Things I Love.” That’s one reason Alec is so valuable to my health. He brings joy into the workout! He’s positive, encouraging and committed to making my not-so-strong body stronger! Before I know it, I’ve worked out for an hour, I’ve laughed, I’ve learned and I feel a sense of accomplishment. I trust him.”

Caroline Testimonial



“I was introduced to Alec by a very good friend of mine following a back injury. I was diagnosed with a lumbar disc herniation and facet joint arthropathy. He consulted with my doctor and was able to combine my medical treatment with rehabilitation and training, which allowed me to continue with my fitness regimen. With his experience and understanding of fitness and physiology, Alec led me to strengthen the areas which were needed to support my back, and correct dysfunction. I doubted that this was possible, given the level of pain that I was in. I felt that my goal of normalcy and high level of activity might not be reached again. Alec intuitively knew the right ways to push me, and areas to be careful. Now, I have surpassed normal, I am pain free, and feel that I am in the best shape of my 52 years of life. I am proud that Alec considers me in an elite athletic category with my level of conditioning and strength. On a personal level, Alec is a lot of fun, and an absolute pleasure to work with. He has successfully encouraged me to never miss a workout session, has counseled me with my diet, and psychological aspects of training… and life… love and admire this guy! Client for life. “




“I came to Alec in what I thought was pretty good shape, yet I needed some serious help on my booty. I was always afraid to gain weight in this area yet my attempts to keep the area small turned into my booty becoming flat and in need of some serious lift. Not only did I ignore exercising this area for so many years, it doesn’t help that as a society we are SITTING all day long and the area is not being activated enough. Alec has taught me that the area needs to “wake-up” and needs to continuously be activated. Each and everyday in the gym I have felt more and more activation in the area and I have seen my booty change shape in ways I hadn’t imagined before. Alec pushes me to lift more and push harder each time and so my time in the gym has become more about being my strongest self and less about my perfect shape. Alec has always encouraged me and told me to be patient, as it didn’t take a month to get out of shape so it will take more than a month to get back into shape. However, I can honestly say that I actually look forward to going to the gym now and I am enjoying the journey! I thank Alec for not only changing the shape of my booty but helping to change the way I think about myself”. 

Adam Christy


Film Maker

“I’ve always lived a healthy and active lifestyle, (or so I thought) then, I met Alec. Off the bat, I was struck by his attitude of excellence and pursuit of overall wellness. I got the chance to become his friend back in 2018 for a year or so before touching any weights and almost through osmosis Alec elevated my body and mind just by being himself. That’s how powerful he is. I began raising the bar for how hard I was willing to push myself and how disciplined I aspired to be, aiming for measurable progress. I worked out on my own following his Instagram workouts for months before getting into the gym with him, all the while building a foundation that I was excited to build. I knew I was in good hands because I saw him living his training regimen everyday and reaping the rewards. I knew there was no fluff or posturing, just the natural progress that comes with hard work and honoring oneself. THEN, I STARTED TRAINING WITH HIM AT THE GYM. Since then, I have seen practical results and have more pride in my my body then ever before. Every week I’m getting stronger mentally and physically. I’m becoming a more capable person because of it. Who knows, if I keep going…maybe I’ll turn into a Marvel Superhero. Hey, what’s wrong with putting that out into the Universe?”