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Find Your Perfect Form

Today I want to talk about the phrase find your perfect form. Sometimes you might see the phrase perfect form on other sites in reference to proper exercise technique or muscle development. But for me, finding your perfect form is something very different —- something larger in scope and much more important. For me, find your perfect form is the philosophy of how I live my life as well as how I teach and guide my clients.

Find your perfect form involves your personal journey to seek an inner posture or self mastery that brings together body, mind, and spirit.  Like any journey there is forward movement sometimes limited by obstacles and setbacks. The key is to bring your best every day and understand that your best can and will change.  There are even days when you will struggle or fall away from your journey. You dedicate yourself daily to seeking alignment while accepting any challenges. It is not about achieving perfection, but rather about becoming your most authentic self.

Exercise is a very big part of finding your perfect form. But it is not the only component. I’ve found that incorporating a spiritual element or personal faith is also essential.  Part of this spiritual component is finding things that feed your spirit — reading a good book, listening to an interesting podcast, enjoying special music, and so on.

Finding your perfect form is a daily practice that requires not only dedication but also self love and compassion. While we hope that our journey will bring out our best self every day, we also should accept that some days will be better than others. And as you continue your journey, you will get better at finding what that day requires, what’s best for you each day. Some days it might be an intense resistance training session. Another day it might be a leisurely stroll through the woods.

Remember: it’s a journey, not a sprint. Stay true to your goals, passion, and what’s good for yourself.  Find your perfect form.



Los Angeles based wellness coach with a degree in nutritional sciences.